About Super Dominica

Super Dominica: The Waitukubuli Warrior Princess

AT-YOUSuper Dominica is a Carib super heroine with amazing abilities and powers which are based on the features and natural resources of the Caribbean Island of Dominica. Super Dominica was originally created by Illustrator/ Graphic Designer Albert Pierre in the year 2005. Her concept was expanded upon in a Comic book project called “The Dominican Patriot”. Super Dominica’s costume is made up of the Dominican Flag’s colors, a red cape and loin cloth which represents her Kalinago roots. The story of “The Dominican Patriot” has a deep focus on the native Dominicans (the Amerindians who happened upon the island first) with highlights on various aspects of Dominica’s culture, history and resources. Although Kalinago people make up a small percentage of the island’s population they have a rich culture and heritage. Over the years Super Dominica has gone through several reboots and rewrites; but today she is a recognizable character and rapidly building a fan base. The Dominican Patriot is not complete as yet and is still under development. A mini Adventure series featuring the super heroine was created and can be viewed online for free. The Web Comic series is called “The Mini Adventures of Super Dominica.” Super Dominica is very powerful, having super human strength enough to lift large objects, she generate Positive Natural Energy balls which are harmless to humans but pack a punch when used against enemies with Negative Natural energy. She can also fly and summon a giant Sisserou parrot to her aid.


The Story of Super Dominica is set in post modern Dominica, where the country’s infrastructure and resources are still in fair shape. The moral of citizens are fading quickly as the establishment struggles to find means and ways to create jobs. This lack of employment has lead to the drastic rise in the crime rate to the point where the stores in capital city of Roseau are forced to close at earlier hours. Who is able to be a force to stand against the constant threat that typical law abiding citizen faces? The Population no longer shows the sense of patriotism it had back in the day. Things are hard and some feel that the best thing to do is to migrate over seas. “It would take some sort of a super hero to rekindle our love for this country.” One local radio host states. “Dominica is in dire need of help.”

About the Creator

http://www.artofalbertpierre.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/771_4777079339971_1564993064_n.jpgAlbert Pierre is a digital artist based on the beautiful Caribbean Island of St. Thomas. His work mainly entails the anime/ comic-cartoon genre. He is a native of Dominica and devoted to promoting his country of birth for his character, Super Dominica.