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Interesting Facts about SVG’s Yurumei

The leader of the Caribbean Justice Alliance is lady who is as tough as nails. She's from St. Vincent too. Let's find out just what makes her so unique. Yurumei is a Legend Many have speculated that she is several generations old. Legends in the CJA don't like talking about their actual age. She may be several generations old and chose to have Vincent (her son) later in her life. But whenever someone asks her about her age or alludes how [...]

Martinique’s Lelouche: Is Shade Good or Evil?

The team is still developing the complete story for Martinique's Super Hero, Shade. She is also known by many as "Lelouche the Mysterious". This begs the question as to whether out not Shade is a villain. Some fans have already asked if she is an Anti-Hero. This is because "lelouch" means untrustworthy, shady, or suspect in French. So does this mean that Shade, is in fact, a shady character? To an extent, yes. Does this mean she is evil? [...]

Interesting Facts about Bahamia Blue (BB)

Bahamia Blue is the 16 year old Superhero girl from Bahamas. Though the Caribbean roster of Super Heroes is growing she is becoming quite a hit among Bahamians. Here are some interesting facts about BB. BB was first created with straight hair In 2012, Albert Pierre illustrated the first image of BB with long straight hair instead of the two puffs. This was later changed in order to make the character more afro-centric. Today anyone who sees BB at first glance knows that she [...]

More to SVG than you might think

It is easy to assume that Super Dominica would be the leader of the Caribbean Justice Alliance. I mean she was the very first super hero created in the whole bunch. And her writers are all Dominican. That's is true we all have a certain bias towards our country/ island. In fact it is not uncommon for the fans to compare the Super Heroes with one another. That's perfectly natural. But we don't see the story from one island's [...]

The Evolution of Jamaica X

In 2012 we saw the first concept for the Jamaican Super Hero who is now known as Jamaica X. Albert Pierre had intentions of making him the leader of the Caribbean Justice Alliance. The "X" is conveniently formed by the design of the flag. Jamaican Fans almost instantly get the idea when they first see him. This first version of X was written up to be a bit of a show-off. Instead of having the an actual cutlass he would [...]

The Power of Imagination in a “Copycat” World

I've been drawing and creating my own original characters even since I could hold a pencil. I loved the idea of creating fictional worlds because I saw it as my escape from reality. I love being around people who love to think outside of the box. That's how I know I have a great team. For sometime now the Caribbean Justice Heroes have been popping up. Slowly but surely we are managing to give people previews of what their [...]

Caribbean Justice & Content Rating

As an artist I understand that there is a great responsibility that I have in the influence that I choose to be to my viewers. Sooner or later the issue of Content Rating is going to come up. Some have already asked who is our target audience. There are quite a few social issues that we are going to be touching on and so we are going more towards the Teens-to-Adults group. However using the mini  Caribbean Super Heroes [...]

What goes into creating these Caribbean Super Heroes

What exactly goes into the process of Creating Caribbean Justice Super Heroes? It's a lot more than one might think. Here are some key factos that are taken into consideration when creating a character and dropping them into the Universe of Caribbean Justice. Time and Thought I know this may come as a shock to some but we don't just sit around in an air conditioned room whole day shooting out hero ideas. For now we do this on our free [...]

Belle Dominik: Michelle’s Big Adventure

There have been several things we've been working on in the past few weeks concerning the development of a game that features the island of Dominica. We now have a working title. Belle Dominik (or Beautiful Dominica) was written by Super Dominica Universe's Albert Pierre. The story is filled with both sci-fi and historical content. Recently we've released a few videos showing test runs of the game and the overall response was well received. Now that we have something solid [...]