Belle Dominik: Michelle’s Big Adventure

Belle Dominik: Michelle’s Big Adventure

screenshotThere have been several things we’ve been working on in the past few weeks concerning the development of a game that features the island of Dominica. We now have a working title. Belle Dominik (or Beautiful Dominica) was written by Super Dominica Universe’s Albert Pierre. The story is filled with both sci-fi and historical content. Recently we’ve released a few videos showing test runs of the game and the overall response was well received. Now that we have something solid to work with there are a few things to clarify.

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Working Title

The full title of the Game is Belle Dominik: Michelle’s Big Adventure.

Content Rating / Target Audience

We are aiming for the content of the Game to be suitable for E10+ (Everyone 10 years and up) with some Comic Mischief. Since there will be a deep focus on having the game promote Dominica to the rest of the world, its content will contain several aspects of the Dominican Culture.



Albert Pierre’s Belle Dominik (Beautiful Dominica) follows the story of a young lady on an awesome quest to save her island from impending danger. 20 year old Michelle has chosen a life in the mountains and rain-forests of Dominica because of her love for nature and the Eco environment. However things get really nasty when invaders from the other side of the Universe launch an all-attack on the island of Dominica. Michelle quickly learns that they are all automated units and mechanical creatures originally from the Mech Society located several light years away. The Mech Society is heavily scrnshtdependent on a certain source known as nature energy; something that the island of Dominica has a rich concentration of. The Mechs wish to extract all of that energy from their new target- Dominica. As Michelle gathers intel she learns that absorbing all of Dominica’s nature energy would have some devastating results. Each wave of attacks reveal stronger and more unique enemies. Things become even more desperate as the Mechs find a way to convert all organic matter (particularly the animals) into “Sisserou Stars” (a more processed form of Nature Energy)SELFIE-TIME2 Once Michelle finds out that she can also use this Nature Energy she proceeds to form a resistance against the assailants. Michelle sets out to complete various quests, puzzles and missions regarding the history and heritage of Dominica. She believes that doing so will put an end to the Mech Society’s grip on her beloved home.


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The protagonist in the game is a female adventurer by the name of Michelle She is skilled in using a variety of weapons and has some knowledge in hand to hand combat. She’s learns to stay optimistic throughout every situation.


Most of the enemies in the game are literally made out of metal. Their sole objective is to suck all of Dominica’s Nature Energy dry. They will attack any living creature to steal its life force- including humans. The good thing is that they can be destroyed with the right type of weapons.


The game genre is a Sci-fi 2d Platormer. Platform games typically follow the format of a camera following character as he/she collects power ups/ items, jumping on “platforms” and defeating various as the levels progress. This is typically the format of Super Mario and Sonic Games.


The Gameplay will employ 4 main buttons A, B, C, & S in addition to the directional pad. The Controls are assigned to Jumping, Attacking, Query (Help) and Super Ultimate Attack. Michelle collects Sisserou Stars to build her energy bar and when it is full she will be able to perform her ultimate attack. If her health diminishes she can replenish it by gathering fruits scattered through out the levels.


When the player  starts a new game Michelle will be dropped into the Dominica Hub World (a map of Dominica with different warp point locators) Each one of these points represent a certain zone. Many of these zones are actual communities on the island. Your objective in the game is to progress through each zone and complete set tasks. Much of the island is under the control of Mech Robots so Michelle will encounter several enemies attempting to steal her nature energy. Michelle has a health gauge, energy gauge and various combat modes. Whenever her health gauge drops to zero she will die. She can build up her health gauge by picking up fruits and food items on the way. scr-3The Energy serves to enable Michelle to perform stronger attacks that what she would under normal circumstances. When it reaches a 100 she will be able to execute an Ultimate Attack or what we call a “767 Moments” in the World of Belle Dominik. These will be effective when fighting high-level or boss enemies. Michelle can gather energy by collecting Sisserou Stars that are scattered through out the stage. These stars can also be used as currency in the game to purchase various items. Each time Michelle defeats a Mech Boss the enemy’s grip on the island will loosen until all quests are complete.

Belle Dominik in Action

PC Test of the Belle Game still under development.


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With a project of this magnitude people are often asking who is funding this. Up to this point everything has been, pretty much, out of pocket and designed on a home computer. We want make Belle Dominik a free game so that everyone can join in the fun but in order to do that will need the help in getting some things underway. Voice acting, sound development, beta testing, accurate representation of various aspects of the island, character development and a theme song are some of the things that we are going to need help with on this quest. The Super Dominica Universe is hopeful that most of the help will come from our own people. Interested persons are asked to contact us via email at

Voice Acting

The main voice of the game is Michelle. She is quirky, energetic and a little crazy. Though she is around 20 we want her to sound a bit teen-ish. Potential candidates should keep that in mind.

Sound and Music

The sound of this game is key. More than just beat-makers, we are interested in actual musicians for the Game’s score and theme. Hopefully we will get our hands on a local artists who really deliver something that sells the story. Designing a game is like doing a film. Every piece of music must match the various scenes. Understanding how music touches the players’ psyche is something that’s very important. No, we’re not going to settle for a bunch of random beats. That’s just shooting into the dark- a risk we are not willing to take. We hope to keep the culture vibe flowing through every level through the game’s music.


The graphics of the game were uniquely designed. Most of the objects look 3d but they are all set on a 2 Dimensional plane.


Belle Dominik will be a released as a free app on various platforms and devices like Android, iOs and Windows.

– Albert Pierre, CEO. Super Dominica Universe

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