Caribbean Justice


 A New Universe of Heroes

Caribbean Justice features Heroes and Warriors from islands and countries all over the Caribbean Region coming together in a collaborative effort against the forces of evil. This alliance is made unique by the different cultures and backgrounds represented by each Super Hero. This comic series is still under development.


This Project has been growing for the past 10 years. As Super Dominica’s popularity grew the team saw the need to expand her universe and have her team up with friends from neighboring Caribbean Islands. So far quite a number of Caribbean Super Heroes have been created and added to the roster. Some having both male and female representation.


The fan base and overall response is already growing and we are appreciative of the support we have received so far. The producers of the Caribbean Justice Team include Albert Pierre, Sean Francis and Daniel Pond.


All Islands/Countries will be Represented

Creating uniquely designed original characters that can accurately represent a particular culture or society obviously takes time and research. The project is not about squeezing people in tights, capes and masks just for show. There is a story involved and things must relate to each other so that the series can flow all while remaining consistent with many non-fictional aspects of the Caribbean Culture. There are certain characters that are based off of real life historical Caribbean Heroes. The producers of Caribbean Justice like to call what they do “Historical Fiction”.  It’s a way of making Caribbean Culture and Events a relevant part of the Caribbean Justice Universe. It may take some time but every Caribbean nation (including some parts of Central and South America) will be represented.

bb and crew3

Who are the guys behind this?

Everything started when Albert Pierre (a digital artist from Dominica) came up with the idea of creating a Super Hero for his island Dominica. He called his creation Super Dominica. He exchanged ideas with Daniel Pond and Sean Francis in 2005. They pieced together different elements to build on the character over informal meetings or just hanging out. In 2010 there were talks about having other Super Heroes join in on the adventure. In 2011 things got a serious when the team saw the development Super Heroes for Jamaica, USVI, St. Kitts Nevis and Grenada. It was there it became a thing. The Team is currently working on getting the first issue  of Caribbean Justice Comic Book released.


How can you support this project?

The Team is working on a Crowdfunding Campaign along with a few other promotions to get the fans involved in bringing this venture to life. Stay tuned for updates. You could see a lot more by heading to the official Facebook fanpage of Super Dominica, Twitter or Instagram.