The Universe


The Super Dominica Universe is a complete with several different characters created by the creative minds at Vision Arts: Creative Interventions. There are various comic franchises that we are currently working on.
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The Dominican Patriot

A young Kalinago girl discovers that she has the amazing ability to transform into a Legendary Fighter known as Super Dominica. [spacer color=”8BC234″ icon=”fa-star-o” style=”1″]

The Mini-Adventures of Super Dominica

Claire Valmond and Jojo Lockhart travel around Dominica in search clues to end put a stop to the darkness that approaches the Island finding and uses the power of the 10 lost parish stars (usually seen on the Dominican Flag).

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A teenage pup must survive in an inter-galactic universe about 2545 AD. She is in constant danger because the Galactic Federation hopes to capture and use her as a test subject since she is the only one who can manipulate THE NEYON (A special green element which has the properties of water, fire, electrify and air all at the same time.)
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A comedic series featuring Bingko in her early years on how she obtained the ability to control the NEYON.
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Gospel Underground

This one is dear to me because it features a character I named after myself. Albie lives in the city called Knome City; filed with moral decay. Christianity and all religious activity is outlawed and Albie believes it is up to him to infiltrate the secret society behind this corruption and show them the light and truth of God’s Word. This is not a series but a one-time deal.
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Goodness and Mercy

In this comedic series, Albie is constantly being followed by two little birds known as Goodness and Mercy. (As in that Psalm …surely goodness and mercy shall follow me…) Problem is where ever they go with him, there’s trouble. But they are always there to bail him out anyways.

The above stories and characters featured a protected under copyright.